This Summer, Don’t Tweet Your Vacation

So you’re packing your bags with sunscreen and that teenie-weenie bikini, excited for a week on white sand and in the hot sun. I’m sure you’re tempted to share your excitement with your friends and followers on Twitter, but I highly recommend you show some restraint. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t tweet your vacation, both to maintain your professionalism and for your own security.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to connect with others and share a bit about who you are. However, Twitter is unique in that anyone can follow you. Anyone can see your tweets. And this means that anyone – coworkers, your boss, folks from across the world, and even criminals – can see what you tweet about your upcoming vacation plans.

For your own security, experts say you shouldn’t tweet specifics about your vacation plans. Think about this: if you tweet that your flight leaves tomorrow and your whole family is excited for Disney Land, your followers will know exactly when, and likely for how long, your house will be empty. And if you’ve ever synced FourSquare with your Twitter account, chances are they also know where you live, or at least could figure it out pretty easily.

Tweeting about your vacation can also be on the unprofessional side, if you aren’t careful about what you tweet. Of course, part of the ethos of using social media professionally is that you should incorporate a bit of who you are into your tweets and wall posts. People follow you to hear what you have to say. However, if you tweet carelessly (say, a compromising photo of you after one too many tequila shots), you could be ruining an otherwise personable-yet-professional image.

There are a few ways you can keep your Twitter account active while you’re on vacation, which don’t require a lot of work or maintenance while you’re gone. These might be worth looking in to, so you don’t suffer from summertime downtime on Twitter when you’re not at your computer.

I suggest taking your vacation as a real vacation – leave your smartphone and your laptop behind (or at least in the hotel room). A day or two away from Twitter won’t kill you. And it will probably give you lots of fodder to tweet once you sign back on after you return.

You don’t necessarily have to keep the fact that you’re on vacation secret, but do be careful how you tell your followers, and which details you choose to share. Just keep security and professionalism at the forefront of your mind, and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation stress (and Twitter) free without any regrets.