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It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Ideas on Ideas, the great site from SmashLabs. And that’s a shame, because they’re always writing up something compelling. Case in point, their most recent essay: “Is Originality Superfluous?” If they didn’t have you with the title, or at least that they got to use the super-cool word “superfluous,” then read on and it’ll be a veritable feast for your brain (unlike the opposite, with zombies). It’s all about the collective conciousness, but also about the race designers face in being the most clever and most original. Very interesting and very familiar. Here’s a little:

Lately, I’m seeing our ideas everywhere. We work hard to conceive of new ideas at our studio. This is always something that we couple with the more pressing need to make creative that meets the client’s objectives; nevertheless, I still want our ideas to be ours. As a result, I’ve been a little perplexed as of late, to find so many of the directions we’ve conceived of, mirrored in the work of others. There’s nothing that quite matches the frustration of opening the most recent issue of Communication Arts, to find a variation of one of your ideas in print.