This Pic Nix robot helps you publicly shame your friend’s Instagram photos


One of the most popular types of mobile photos is also one of the most hated: Selfies. If you don’t like them, but you like your friend, you can use this robot, Pic Nix, to publicly shame your friend. To use the bot, go to Pic Nix’s website. Then select the user you want to shame, the photo in question, and one of the 16 Instagram sins of mobile photos:

Feed FatigueSunsets


Pic Nix has built in images for each offense that warns the user to stop being so offensive:

selfie_retina kids_retina food_retina tbt_retina

You can also choose from one of two captions that are equally shameful and cynical. From there, the images and its caption for your intended recipient enters the Pic Nix queue along with other shameful users. The best part about Pic Nix isn’t necessarily the harmless shaming, but the robot that’s making it all happen. In the video below, you can see the mechanics behind the tool that’s used to make all of these images appear in the Instagram feed, @PicNixer.

About the project:

Instagram does not allow 3rd party applications to publish photos to the app using their API, so in order for Pic Nix to exist, a workaround had to be created. Essentially, the only way to post a picture to Instagram is through Instagram. We considered hiring interns to do this. But after a long night of watching sci-fi movies, a solution presented itself in a dream: robots. A single robot, to be exact. We call him SILENT B.O.B., and B.O.B. allows us to publish the photos in real time, 24/7, without us torturing interns.

Basically, we created our own custom Instagram post API powered by robotic input.

pic nix