This News Will Devastate You

I know, I know: You were totally psyched about the thought of Washington Post columnists reading your emails and actually corresponding back with you!

But, in his column today, Richard Cohen quickly puts the smackdown on that idea. Discussing the avalanche of emails he received into his “Stephen Colbert’s not funny” column, Cohen discusses the lesson he learned:

“[I]t marks the end of a silly pretense about interactive media: We give you our e-mail addresses and then, in theory, we have this nice chat. Forget about it. Not only is e-mail too often a kind of epistolary spitball, but there’s no way I can even read the 3,506 e-mails now backed up in my queue — seven more since I started writing this column.”

You may now put your keyboards away and return to your previously assigned spot in the 19th century.