This Might Be the Best ‘Drink Responsibly’ Campaign Ever

Alcohol abuse and drunk driving are no laughing matter, and we know this on a personal level. But what’s the most effective way to address such a big public health problem: fear or humor?

Growing up in South Cackalacky in the early 90’s, we saw lots of PSAs with the tagline “South Carolina’s Roads Can be Highways or Dieways. The Choice Is Yours.” They were intense and frightening, they won a bunch of ad and PR awards, and they were funded with public money. But there’s some debate as to how effective they were, because how can you really measure such a thing?

Anyway, we prefer the approach taken by New Zealand’s Steinlager beer. This ad tells us “Don’t get really drunk, because you’ll end up looking as stupid as these guys”:

The title is “Be the artist, not the canvas”, and the brand sums it up as such:

As much as we want to encourage these budding artists, we’d rather there were no canvases for them to draw on. Take it easy out there if you are going to have a few drinks.

The clip makes its point with a bit of humor, and it won’t scare you into wetting yourself even if you had a couple of beers before watching. Should more PSAs follow this model?