This Los Angeles is Just Steps from the Cannes Croisette

Here’s a new twist on the age-old SoCal commute. Big Time PR owner Sylvia Desrochers has traveled some 7,000 miles, by way of New York stopover for a wedding, to wind up in the south of France sharing this picture via Facebook:

“The address is 21 rue Pasteur, near the Carlton Hotel,” Desrochers tells FishbowlLA. “I have no idea why the building is called Los Angeles, but the one next door is called Santa Monica!”

“The rental agent couldn’t really enlighten me on the reasoning. The building is a typical Cannes apartment building: older, probably pre-war, with the original elevator with the gate and everything. So not very LA in the sense of history. But I do always feel like the weather here is similar to LA, especially Santa Monica or Venice. It’s warm when the sun is out but can turn chilly very easily – especially when it’s foggy or rainy, like this [Wednesday] evening.”

Vive la non-difference! An online listing we found for the Los Angeles apartment complex highlights an experience that can only be afforded here locally by the likes of those within multi-million-dollar walking distance of Montana: “It is perfect for those wanting a holiday without the hassle of driving and parking.” Enjoy this Los Angeles, Ms. Desrochers… while you can.

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