THIS JUST IN: Teacher Takes 11 Kids on Field Trip…in Her Honda Accord

THIS JUST IN 2Teachers are responsible for some of the most important work on the planet: educate our future generations.

Despite what Time magazine staffers think about their locked-in job security (and sometimes, rightly so), teachers deserve much more respect and pay for what they have chosen to do for a living.

That said, there are other teachers out there who make Rosie O’Donnell look like a nice, sweet lady…and then there is this woman from some backwoods, high-heels-and-socks town in Oklahoma who took 11 kids on a field trip.

In a Honda Accord. With two students in her trunk.

Meet Heather Cagle, a mild-mannered (and slightly dimwitted) math teacher and “yearbook manager” from Catoosa, Okla.

It was a slow school day for teaching integers and fractions, so Cagle had her mind on other things of importance — primarily running errands. She is a busy woman who works hard for the money, but sometimes she has to make a run.

cagleAccording to KJRH-TV (NBC 2, Tulsa), she did just that.

Unfortunately, she is accused of loading nearly a dozen students into her Honda Accord, circus-clown style…and two of those students are alleged to have ridden in the trunk.

A police report was filed Oct. 30 by one of the children’s guardians.  According to the complaint, the woman’s granddaughter told her she was one of 11 students loaded into Cagle’s car Oct. 21 for a trip to Walmart for snacks.

Also, according to the complaint, the “students were piled in (the) car with no seatbelts on and two (children) in the trunk.”

After hitting Walmart with her students in tow, Cagle is currently suspended with pay; she will learn of her future with the district at a December hearing.

To be fair, the Catoosa ISD superintendent recommended that Cagle be fired, yet board members were split on their decision at a special meeting Monday.

If you need us, we will be re-reading a certain Time article.

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