THIS JUST IN: North Carolina Town Council Approves Street Named After Local Klansman

THIS JUST IN 2America has been doing so well lately.

We elected an African American President and both of our most recent administrations had female Secretaries of State. Much of the country is also standing behind Native Americans as they take on Daniel Snyder, owner of a certain Washington football team, and whatever flacks he can afford.

And just when you get comfortable resting in the warm embrace of Lady Liberty, she belches, loses her composure, and drops you into Hudson Bay.

Welcome to Fair Bluff, N.C. where the town council recently approved a street to be named after a man with a dubious distinction — a former Ku Klux Klan leader convicted in 1952 for his role in a local flogging.

Ah, yes.

Local NBC affiliate WECT broke the story, and now some of us wish that N.C. Governor Pat McCrory would break his foot off in that town council’s behind.

e brooksThe roadway has been labeled “E Brooks Street.” Despite the beliefs of many in the community, this doesn’t stand for “East Brooks Street,” but for “Early Brooks Street,” meaning it was named after a notorious Klan leader who spent time in federal prison on charges related to a flogging he and eight of his compatriots performed in 1951.

Brooks was so vilified for his actions, there was even a documentary made speaking about him.

The Editor and the Dragon, a documentary about newspaper editor Horace Carter, described Brooks as “the ideal lieutenant, an aggressive man who could do the Klan’s dirty work while the grand dragon kept clean as the public face of the KKK.”

From that documentary, we learn Brooks and two other Klansman invaded the home of Dorothy Martin’s mother and forcibly took Martin and her “friend” Ben Grainger from it.

“They then transported the couple across state lines, into South Carolina, where they were joined by five other Klansmen and whipped them for ‘crimes’ ranging from adultery, failure to attend church, and illegally distilling whiskey.”

And that guy gets a street named after him?

I quit. Time to join Lady Liberty on that overnight bender.