THIS JUST IN: A New Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It-Column

At PRNewser, we love the random tips and tools, listicles and ancillary research. However, we’ve noticed certain stories trending in the news recently: crap that just can’t be grouped with anything else other than, well, other crap.

We’re talking random categories that don’t quite fit into the ubiquitous “if it bleeds, it leads” category:

1. The sundry “touchy-feely” story: You know, the “Hometown Heroes” geared for pets that need a home, volunteers who are the backbone of a community, or the random denizen who is so awesome that he or she deserves a story. And no, we’re not talking Neetzan Zimmerman‘s beat.

2. The ancillary “we don’t have a place for this so we’ll end the broadcast with it” story: We like these because they allow our favorite TV broadcasters to show a human side. They laugh; they wax emotional; they whisper “Pulitzer…”

3. The multitudinous “it’s time for sweeps so we are breaking out the greatest hits” story: The investigative reporters begin drooling, the assignment desk editors go on high alert, and the news directors break out in a cold sweat. Good times indeed.

And then, there’s the “THIS JUST IN” story. You know what we’re talking about, anonymous tippers: breaking not-so-sure-if-we-should-care news belongs here. Stay tuned.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.