THIS JUST IN: MSNBC Really Performed a ‘Chappelle Show’ Sketch

THIS JUST IN 2It’s not like MSNBC doesn’t know they are dead last in national news ratings. In fact, I hear the only people that watch that network are the hosts mamas and Al Sharpton’s barber to make sure his perm is holding up under those lights.

Seriously, the network sucks and if it weren’t for Rachel Maddow, I don’t even think MSNBC management would watch. To wit, the beleaguered network needed some punch, some oomph, something completely wrong.

So, the higher-ups call upon Toure, host of “The Cycle,” to pedal his ass where no one would think — “Chappelle’s Show.” And what transpired is so hard to believe. You know, if there wasn’t video … and there is after the jump.

Dave Chappelle gave the world three of the best years in comedic history with his skit cornucopia “Chappelle’s Show.” From Prince playing basketball to Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, a blind black white supremacist named Clayton Bigsby to a moment in the life of Lil’ Jon, the mad “Real World” to the “real” Wayne Brady show, there are so many genius bits there that still make people laugh as if they have never seen them before.

And they own the DVDs.

Among those skits are the “Racial Draft.” Tiger Woods was drafted by the African-Americans, the Jewish community got Lenny Kravitz, and the Asian contingency swiped Wu-Tang Clan. Before we get to that to end on a high note, MSNBC really did this! As in, on national TV. We have quotes too, as these dimwits try to explain their way out of it.

“Once you’re drafted by a certain race, that’s your group,” he explained — they differed starkly in content. Chappelle’s racial draft was memorable racial comedy; this was full-on racial commentary, with Touré attacking some familiar liberal foes and the issues of income inequality and money in politics.

“I guess they fit because they’re on welfare — corporate welfare, that is,” Touré said, before guffawing at his own joke, presumably in-character and sarcastically.

Seriously? I truly flip-flop channels to watch the news, but I’m certain if this crap was on FOX, everyone would be outside the studio with torches and pitchforks. Where’s the outrage here? Then again, it is MSNBC. Maybe no one saw it, so here’s that video we promised:

Sure, they tried to show the funny by alluding to the great Chappelle, but seriously, MSNBC? Ah well. They have done worse, I’m sure. I know the rest of the networks were wishing they thought of it, but there it is.

And ICYMI, here’s the original:

Racial Draft – Natural Selection of the Millenia from Kato on Vimeo.

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