THIS JUST IN: McDonald’s Is America’s Most Hated Company

THIS JUST IN 2Global corporations. National chains. Even the off-shoot regional company.

They each have opportunities to hire tools, treat employees like peons and run their organizations like a sweat shop. It’s tough competition out there, but thanks to a report from 24/7 Wall Street, there’s a new King of the Mountain.

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Ladies and gentlemen of crisis communications specialties everywhere: May we present McDonald’s as America’s Most Hated Company! 

Surprised? Of course not, if you read this forum for any amount of time. The franchising, fast-food juggernaut has a super-sized order #PRFail in its 2013 archives…

McDonald’s isn’t fond of people spooning the competition. Former CEO of Burger King gets hired by Mickey D’s ketchup (or catsup) provider and the clown kicks Heinz to the curb.

Then, the clown shows his compassionate side by creating a toll-free line (well, it was free, so that was nice) for its employees to call its McResources line for McHandouts and McGovernment cheese. The Golden Arches are genuine but its handouts were pyrite because the clown actually wanted to help its employees learn to live poor.

Of course, the clown couldn’t end the year on a bad note. And so, he pulled the plug on the McResources line and just advised its employees to “avoid fast food.” Uh, right. And because 2013 sucked out loud so much, they thought to get all…sorry, “healthy”…with it? Apparently, Ronald is now the friend to the cow and going sustainable in four years because productivity is slacking a skosh, we guess.

What a year. Enjoy this latest trophy for your mantle because — ba-da-bum-bum-baa — the PR Newser team is so lovin’ it!