This Jets Thing Is Still Going On?


Our favorite horoscope paper, the Post, reported this morning that the Jets are still trying to do anything they can not to end up in the armpit of America. West Side was a no-go from Day 0, so they’re looking at the 1964 Worlds Fair fountain. Not sure how they’re planning on building over it (our archio-spatio abilities are, um, limited at best), but apparently that’s the idea.

The six-acre Fountain of the Planets, which once exploded in glorious pyrotechnic displays, is now a murky pool littered with plastic bottles and trash.

With the West Side stadium plan dead, and a deal for a shared stadium with the Giants at New Jersey’s Meadowlands weeks away, team sources say the fountain site probably is the last, best hope to put the New York back in New York Jets.

But even though they’re newly loving on Queens, they’re kinda hating on Willets Point, near Shea, which is making Queens people a little cranky. Or, more accurately, “immensely outraged.”

Willets Point, the 47 acres of salvage yards near Shea–where many expected the Jets to look–is not workable, teams sources say, because the city would not have enough time to relocate the 150 business there and complete the necessary environmental work.

But some Queens activists, even longtime proponents of bringing the Jets home, disagree.

Although he railed against the West Side stadium in favor of Willets Point, David Oats, chairman of the Queens Olympic Committee, said the Jets new plan is equally unworkable.

“We’re immensely outraged that the plan to return the Jets does not include a renewal of Willets Point and instead calls for destroying an historic and beautiful area,” Oats said.

It’s just field hockey, kids. Chill.