This Is Why We Don’t Print Your Comments

hickst.jpgPeter Larsen wrote a funny Q&A (well, “Q”) with American Idol star Taylor Hicks, one that Hicks fans didn’t much care for. And since the Register prints pretty much all reader comments on its Web site, the rest of us treated to portraits of Pete that range from the incomprehensible:

I use to go to bars where this man played before he became famous. He did not seem much different than the way this poor writer described him. I would say that maybe he is a poor journalist according to the hens and housewives but the journalist has great intuition. Hey, wait isnt that what a good journalist is suppose to possess. Hmm, I guess the hens will be back to offer their amatuer opinions.
— auburn

To the pointed:

What a shame that a professional like you obviously came to an interview with such an unprofessional attitude. I agree with all the comments especially Idolwatcher33s. Please go to a Taylor Hicks concert so you can understand why we love the man and his music.

To our personal fave:


We asked Larsen what it feels to be the most hated writer at the Register.

He tells FBLA: “I feel like Sinead O’Conner at the SNL after-party.”