New Orleans Gets Ready to Celebrate ‘Sinkhole de Mayo’

Doing a Seth Rogen-Jonah Hill comedy proud.

Remember that dinner table conversation in the 2013 comedy hit This Is the End, when Jonah Hill responds to Seth Rogen talking about the proliferation of sinkholes around the world with the exclamation “Sinkhole de Mayo!”? Well, this Thursday, that notion will come to life in the Crescent City.


Melinda Norris, life and culture editor for the Times-Picayune, touched base with co-organizer Carson Rapose. By day a financial analyst for Capital One, Rapose has decided to make the best of the cratering, which appeared April 29 and sits across from the Harrah’s Casino:

“We try to put on events like this through the year but this has by far gotten the most publicity.”

“We’ve run events similar to this before, though more pub-crawl based and not had problems. Granted, I don’t think those events ever exceeded 100 people. This is definitely a bit larger than we’re used to hosting and was done very impromptu. Had we had more time to plan we’d probably be selling patches or something fun…”

“Sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity when the road falls out,” Rapose said.

Ha ha. We love the intersection designation too at the top of the Facebook invite: “Sinkhole & Canal Street.” It should make for more fun live TV coverage and such Thursday.

H/T: Matt Brennan

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