This Is Not Very Good Business: Freelance Biz Journos Grossly Underpaid

The average pay for a freelance business journalist is $25,000 to $30,000 a year, according to a new survey released by the Society of American Business Writers and Editors. And 3/4 of survey respondents are making less than they were when they had “real” jobs.

Yet more than two-thirds said they’d never go back to a full-time job if they could find one.

“The survey results seem to indicate that many of our freelancers are grossly underpaid, but still prefer freelancing to a full-time position because of the flexibility it provides,” said SABEW board member Maya Payne Smart, founder of, in a statement.

The poll was conducted by SABEW and received just 67 responses, so the margin of error is bound to be very high. However, somehow the news that business reporters make less than most of the people they cover does not surprise us.