This is a victory like Walter Mondale winning Minnesota was a victory

According to Variety, “Latin Cinema is the big winner” among this year’s official selections for Cannes.

However, a quick count reveals exactly one of the 19 movies in competition comes from a Latin American country: Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth,” which is listed as a Mexico-Spain entry.

Add in the “Un Certain Regard” program and you get two more: “Cronica de una fuga,” an Argentina-Israel entry from Adrian Caetano and Mexical film “El violin,” directed by Francisco Vargas.

That’s three out of 59 movies showing. That compares to 19 films that have a pedigree from a single country: France.

There’s also Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, but his English language film “Babel” officially comes from the U.S. and Morocco.

But still, if this is a victory at Cannes for a region of the world that has over 500 million people, I’d hate to see what a poor showing would be.

Then again, China with its 1 billion-plus people has two films showing (plus one from Hong Kong and another from Taiwan), while India, with its billion-plus people and the world’s biggest film industry, has zero movies at Cannes, so for any nation or region outside Europe and the U.S., I guess success at Cannes is pretty relative.