This Image Has Long Haunted Us And Now We Know Why


When reminded this morning of the book The Lonely Doll, it seemed vaguely familiar, so we went zipping to Amazon to remind ourselves exactly what that doll’s name was (Edith) and exactly which animals cause her to be not so lonely (bears). One look at the book’s creepy photography and we clearly remembered seeing this book somewhere, although we can’t imagine it being part of our childhood bedtime reading; sandwiched between The Lorax and Goodnight Moon.

The photographer, illustrator, designer, and author of the Lonely Doll books, Dare Wright, led a terribly sad yet fascinating life, isolated from most social contact by her mother, and in her later days, sleeping alone in Central Park. A biography of Wright, written by Jean Nathan, will be discussed at a panel discussion scheduled for this Monday. Since we are always interested in books written about the fascinating lives of artists and designers because they help the greater public to find them just as fascinating as we do, we encourage you to attend How to Transform a Great Life Into a Pageturner, pick an artist or designer you find fascinating, and go for it.

Monday, March 6 in New York.