This Guy Is Gonna Make You a Star


It’s Friday, which means we tune in to our favorite weekly graphic design radio show, Design Matters with the lovely Debbie Millman. This week is exceptionally exciting and not just because Millman found a guest whose name rhymes with hers.

Hillman Curtis has been making these gorgeous, poignant films about designers that are valuable to us for obvious reasons. But they’re also valuable for people like our parents, who we can show these movies to and say, “See? This is what I do. It’s an important job. And someday, someone will make a movie about me!”

Curtis has written three books and his website is a rather inspirational place to visit if you similarly aspire to do great things with the moving image. You can also see his latest film about music video-to-film director Mark Romanek, which is one of the coolest to date.

So. Whether you plan to be a Famous Designer in front of or behind the camera, this is one interview you won’t want to miss: Millman and Hillman, today from 3-4pm EST. Listen here. Remember, it’s a call-in show: 1-866-233-7861.