This Fake Japanese Furby Ad Is a Little Insane

A writer once said, “Satire is a lesson, parody is a game.” If this is true, then we’d say the makers of this parody of a Japanese Furby commercial have won.

If you, like us, spent countless childhood sleepovers awake all night, fearing your friend’s demonic little Furby would steal your soul the moment you let your guard down, then you know that the blatant Satanism portrayed in the video is only a slight exaggeration.

Because of a deep cultural and language divide, Japanese ads often seem a bit crazy to Americans. And while the clip is horribly culturally insensitive, we have a feeling its creators weren’t trying to prompt a politically correct conversation about cross-cultural marketing; they were just trying to make us laugh – and they did. Plus, to be fair, the parody video creeped us out only slightly more than one of the actual promos released when Furby returned last year (it is crazy!).

So here you have it, middle school friends! Proof that when you weren’t looking, your Furby really was leading a satanic cult. We told you!