This Entry Was Written by You!


Geez, it’s hard to turn off the cynicism, isn’t it? That’s what we just went through as we read about Fredrik Haren’s new book, “The Idea Book.” At first we read the little selling point about it, which is that it features 150 pages of ideas for you, and 150 blank pages for you to get your own ideas onto paper. So, after reading that, of course, we were thinking of all kinds of sarcastic things to say, or make up other things to sell that don’t actually have any content (“It’s ‘You Magazine!’ The magazine you write all about you!”). But then we got into the book, looking at the sample pages they have on the site, and it does actually sound kind of cool. Basically, it’s just a book you’d use to help get your mind going and thinking creatively. So there, consider that the first and last time that this writer will ever eat his words. The usual amount of feet in mouth you’ve come to expect shall remain the same.