This Electronic Wristband Uses Your Heartbeat to Replace Passwords for Devices

It’s a sentimental confirmation –  technology can recognize you by your own, unique heartbeat. At least, that’s the pitch for this tiny, wristband called Nymi that can replace all the password typing you do in a day. It’s discreet, but is it safe? Given that Apple’s fingerprint identification technology was hacked almost immediately on its release, will this little bracelet be the next target?

 The Nymi uses your unique electrocardiogram (ECG) to authenticate your identity through an embedded sensor. It then uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate your identity to all of your devices, bypassing any verification obstacles…
The Nymi also has motion sensing and proximity detection that allows users to perform remote, gesture-specific commands, creating a dynamic and interactive environment. A simple twist of the wrist can unlock your car door.

Now, the obvious question is, whether the device will be able to detect unusual activities in your heart in order to warn you of impending heart attacks or cardio problems. It’s full of positive potential, but it’s likely my paranoia that makes me immediately fearful of the NSA tracking my heartbeat with this device. Someone please queue the appropriate dystopian film clip.