This Day in FishbowlDC History

Today in FishbowlDC history, we travel back in time to the magical year of 2005! FishbowlDC, as well as all of the other major news outlets, was buzzing about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In the day’s Labor Day Media Roundup, a guest blogger (whose identity escapes me and the FBDC Archives) writes up a breakdown of the media’s coverage of the mess left in Katrina’s wake. In it,  there’s talk of the media praising itself for taking time away from gossiping about celebrities (who probably aren’t even famous anymore) to ask hard questions, give invaluable scene reportage, and use dogged perseverance to get the story. Tip of the hat to you, Mysterious Guest Blogger. You did the hardest job of all, which was covering the coverage of those who covered the coverage. Also, a tip of the hat to me, for covering the coverage of the coverer covering the coverers great coverage!

And look at this…CNN was on the climb back then. “Our initial assessment is that CNN, qualitatively, is leading the cable networks with its coverage, gritting its journalistic teeth with this story and proving that–when it wants to–it can be the best in the biz. Their efforts are paying off: Although they still trail Fox, CNN moved from a 0.5 rating before the Hurricane to a 2.0 afterwards (Fox was at 2.3).”