This College Newspaper Advisor Is Crazy (And Right)

This post made the rounds earlier this week to much derision, mainly because the author, who goes by the name of “journoterrorist,” said that “surviving a term as college editor is like surviving cancer.” The collective internet said WAIT WHUT? and a mini viral shitstorm was born.

For good reason.

But aside from that remark, turns out the terrist has some useful advice. Being the editor of a student paper, even for a semester, is a great resume line. And the selection process at some papers is so competitive—this guy calls it “only a tad less bloody than the ancient Romans in the Coliseum feeding Christians to the lions”—that you’ll ace every job interview you go on. A former college newspaper editor told “journoterrorist” the following:

Running for editor prepared me for every job interview, blind date and social confrontation I’ve ever walked into. I have actually been surprised at how calm I am when being interviewed for a new job. The tedious process of being grilled for an hour and having every editorial flaw you have committed shoved in your face makes the awkward handshaking with a potential employer out to be a nice day at the beach.

Plus…”Being editor of your student newspaper is the first time you’ll ever be in charge of something substantial without an adult wielding veto power.”

At Florida Atlantic University, where this blogger worked until 2010, that meant overseeing a budget of $80,000. (At smaller schools, trust us, that number is considerably smaller. But the point remains.) That’s more money than you’ve probably had at one time and it’s yours all yours to spend MUAHAHA. Or something. But it’s definitely a great learning experience.

But cancer? Really?