This Coder Made an Amazon Dash Button That Donates $5 to the ACLU

Developers are getting creative with IoT devices

The button was created out of frustration with President Trump.
Nathan Pryor

Nathan Pryor, the founder of the Vancouver, Wash.-based design company HaHaBird, published a video and a Medium post on Tuesday that described why he put together an Amazon Dash button which donates $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union. He explained that he created it in reaction to the battle between the ACLU and the White House in concerns to President Trump’s immigration order, which has the country debating about Middle Eastern refugees and our country’s borders in unprecedented fashion.

Pryor wrote that it was actually his friend who inspired the idea:

“It was my friend Katherine who made the comment “I wish there was an ACLU Dash button I could push to donate any time I read about the latest offense from Trump.” Her language was sliiiiightly more colorful than that, but it got me thinking: why reserve that instant gratification for physical goods? Why not push a button and do some real good?

It’s just one button, and Pryor has no plans to mass-produce his Internet of Things doodad for the ACLU. But it underscores how programmers are utilizing Amazon Web Services to create Dash buttons for all kinds of tasks. The Seattle-based ecommerce giant said that creative-minded coders are also making buttons for lunch delivery, warming up the car, contacting emergency services, et cetera.

So has Pryor been actually donating to the ACLU?

“Yes—$30-$40 so far, I think,” he replied via email. “I turned off the actual donation part of the programming for the video I shot, since I couldn’t afford all of the takes it took, but other than that it’s been live and sending money. Now, I have friends getting in touch who want to come press the button, so I expect there’ll be more [money] going out soon.”

Check out Pryor’s video below:

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