This American Life Breaks Down the Break Down

71014_MoneyHappiness_vl-vertical.jpgWe’ve always been of the opinion that you can judge a person’s character based on whether or not they listen to Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life, distributed by Public Radio International. Never heard of it? We can’t help you.

Anyway, TAL did a show about the credit crisis called The Giant Pool of Money, that is the most concise ‘for dummies’ break down of the current crisis we’ve heard, read or watched.

And the current episode (at least for those of us that podcast the show) is called The Enforcers, that goes further into this world wide credit snafu.

TAL producer Alex Blumberg is now doing a spin off of those shows for NPR called Planet Money, which is also informative. If informative means scary and maddening…which we are sure it does.