Twitter Apps No Longer Let You See Where Tweets Came From

If you’re a longtime Twitter user, you might get pretty miffed at the latest change to be quietly rolled out at Twitter HQ: when using Twitter through official apps and its website, you will no longer be able to see which third-party apps the tweets in your timeline came from.

Prior to this change, the apps that Twitter users used would be displayed in the expanded view of each tweet on

Here’s a screenshot comparison of tweets from ReadWriteWeb highlighting the “before” and “after” courtesy of VentureBeat:



Twitter’s mobile apps eliminated this third-party information some time ago, but the change just rolled out on this week.

The change comes on the heels of Twitter’s massive overhaul of its API guidelines, which foreshadowed the potential demise of popular apps like Tweetbot, Echofon and others. The changes requires apps to differentiate themselves from the core Twitter experience, which basically means that any app that mirrors the functionality of will be shut down.

Venturebeat spoke to a Twitter spokesperson, who confirmed the changes on, saying that “This is part of our work to simplify tweets and emphasize the content being shared.”

Twitter is taking big steps to focus its user experience on official channels like, while developers who create apps too similar to Twitter’s own are getting the cold shoulder.

Not being able to identify the source of tweets might sound like a small issue, but taken in the context of Twitter’s other changes, it doesn’t bode well for the developer community.

Are you worried about all of the changes going on a Twitter? Or do you think it’s going to end with a better experience for Twitter’s users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Covered eyes image via Shutterstock)