Third Party Apps, Not iBooks, Will Make iPad Work, Say eBN Readers

Just wanted to draw your attention to the discussion that got going in the comments under our earlier post about the Kindle app for iPad. Readers seem to agree that iBooks isn’t too exciting, and that what will make or break iPad as an eReading device is third-party apps, like Amazon’s.

Unsurprisingly, eBook fans want openness, something Apple is not strong on. “nizejpodpisany” said “iBooks doesn’t make a great eReader from an iPad, but current and future third-party apps – AND a browser. iPad app is one thing, but what is more important is the ePub support.”

“bearmountainbooks” doesn’t even think iPad itself matters: “As netbooks and smaller electronics get better, faster and more readable, it isn’t going to be about which device, it’s going to be about where to get the books at the best prices in the format that is needed.”

What do you think? Will iPad offer enough openness? Are you able to find the content you want on the available eReader apps? Is there a particular app you’re looking forward to using on iPad? Comment below.