ThinkProgress Ratifies Union Contract

The first of many.

The editorial staff of ThinkProgess, which joined the Writers Guild of America, East last year, has agreed to its first contract.

The contract stipulates that reporters and editors earn a minimum salary of $45,000. In the first year of the contract, almost a third of the bargaining unit will receive raises of between nine percent and 20 percent, with the average raise at six percent. Other conditions of the contract include paid family leave, 401(k), editorial independence and health benefits.

“This collective bargaining agreement is a testament to the power of content creators who organize in a digital workplace,” said Lowell Peterson, executive director of the Writers Guild of America, East, in a statement. “The ThinkProgress union bargaining committee came to the table with a set of reasonable demands; and we are pleased that an agreement was reached that reflects their values and worth.”