Thinking With Type

Thinking With Type

Thinking with Type by design educator and historian Ellen Lupton strikes me as a kind of Strunk & White for designers working with type.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the actual printed book yet, but it has a companion website. Amazing organization, a subdued color palette and a broad array of resources available from the main page give the site all kinds of gravitas. There’s utility too: the Special Characters link opens a pop-up window which displays common keystrokes for em-dashes, umlauts, copyright symbols, etc. It’s not all utility and lesson plans, however. Crimes Against Typography is a game which shows what happens when “bad things happen to good characters.”

Oddly, I couldn’t find any customer reviews on Amazon. Do any readers own this book? Well, preferably opinionated owners of said book, let me know what you think. And while we’re on the topic, I’d love to hear the titles of other books that are indispensible to you as a designer. Email your thoughts to jen AT unbeige DOT com.

If everything goes as planned, which naturally it will, I should be publishing an interview with Lupton in a couple of weeks.