Think Your Boss is a Greasy Tool Bag? Not After You Read This Ad

Suddenly all our bosses seem way less douchey when compared to having Joe Francis proof your work. Ick.

From the venerable Craigslist:

Girls Gone Wild Magazine, Business Manager (Santa Monica, CA)

Date: 2010-02-01, 8:08PM PST

Reply to:

Girls Gone Wild Magazine Business Manager

Mantra Films Inc., the producers of Girls Gone Wild, a leading lifestyle entertainment company that spans live events, TV, Video, Magazines, licensing and apparel is looking for an experienced Business Manager for its Girls Gone Wild Magazine. Major responsibilities include creating and maintaining all production schedules related to Girls Gone Wild magazine and its accompanying DVD, including: article deadlines, artwork deadlines, proofreader and legal clearance, final approvals from the editor and the CEO. Responsible for meeting schedule for DVD artwork approval, production and delivery. Obtain and review contracts for writers, photographers and models, and other vendors; process invoices, tax forms, legal releases and clearances. Monitor production and editorial expenses. Maintain organized files of all editorial submissions, contracts, reports, invoices and models.

Maintain and develop circulation, including newsstand sales, subscriptions and comp subscriptions. Help develop new sources of circulation revenue for the magazine. Responsible for planning and carrying out circulation promotion efforts for subscription or newsstand sales.

Liaison for advertising sales; review, approve and maintain contracts from advertisers; supervise remits to advertisers. Help develop new sources of advertising revenue for the magazine.

Successful applicants will be well organized, creative, reliable, hard working problem solvers and enjoy a fun, fast paced environment. Candidates must have 3-5 years magazine or other publishing experience.

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