Think Gaming launches Scouting Reports service to help form top grossing games


Think Gaming has announced the launch of its Scouting Reports service, aimed at helping mobile game developers turn their games into top grossing applications, with the help of new publishers and investors. The reports measure apps and compare them to data from over 5,000 mobile games, offering developers a look at how their games can be improved.

Each Scouting Report analyzes and scores games based on user retention, monetization, market size and expected longevity. Think Gaming takes this data directly from the submitted games, and then compares that data to existing top grossing titles.

After receiving a positive Scouting Report, developers can use this data to interest potential publishers and investors. Likewise, publishers can take the initiative, seeking out games that have high scores, removing the need to search through the thousands of games that have been submitted to the App Store.

On the other hand, if the game’s report isn’t so positive, developers will receive customized feedback on how they can improve their apps.

Developers, publishers and investors can learn more about the free Scouting Reports service on Think Gaming’s website.