Think Gaming launches funding service for mobile game developers


Think Gaming launched its Scouting Reports service in February 2014, with the goal of helping mobile developers turn their games and apps into top-grossing products. Scouting Reports analyze apps, and compare them to data from other mobile titles to find areas for improvement, or to show off what each app is already doing right.

Now, Think Gaming has announced the availability of funding related to positive scores on these Scouting Reports. This funding comes in the form of a loan, which is expected to be used to fund user acquisition growth and company expansion. In taking the loan, developers maintain their independence and ownership of their products.

Developers can apply for funding after processing a Scouting Report for their game(s). Games that score at least 700 on a report qualify for funding. The higher the score, the more funding available.

“We provide funding designed for a modern independent developer: the money games need to scale their user acquisition campaigns, without the one-size-fits-all nature of a publishing model that’s past its prime. “ said Tim Ogilvie, co-founder of Think Gaming.

Scouting Reports compare games to data from more than 5,000 other games, measuring key metrics associated with “predictable success,” including user retention, monetization, market size and expected longevity.

Developers can learn more about potential funding opportunities on Think Gaming’s website.

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