Think Gaming Launches Advertising Data Co-Op for Mobile Apps

think gaming

In its continued quest to help app developers create top-grossing products, Think Gaming has announced the launch of its first mobile advertising co-op. The platform encourages mobile app developers to work together and share advertising data that allows all parties to find the best paying users for their apps and games.

“App marketers waste fortunes targeting unqualified audiences, middlemen that don’t create value, and networks filled with bots. The smartest marketers test each placement to judge ROI, but the growing number of options means that [companies] with marketing budgets north of $100 million annually have distinct market advantages through data and spend,” says Think Gaming.

Via its platform, Think Gaming brings all games to the same level, with access to an aggregated database containing data on cost per installs, install quality and more for over 400 publishers and ad networks. As part of the program, participating developers receive credits for sharing their advertising results. These credits can then be exchanged for information about specific ad placements the developer might be interested in.

For instance, a developer can spend 50 credits to unlock data relating to Google’s interstitial and banner ads. The more developers in the system, the better and more detailed the overall results become.

More information is available on Think Gaming’s website. You can also check out the info video above for more.

Earlier in 2014, Think Gaming launched its Scouting Reports service, which also focuses on creating top-grossing games. Using these Scouting Reports, developers can have their games measured and compared to data from over 5,000 other games. The results offer developers a look at what they’re doing right, and how they can improve.