Things We’re Rooting For In the People’s Design Awards

prince jamming on gold symbol guitar III.jpg

Only 10 days left to vote for your choice in Cooper-Hewitt’s People’s Design Awards, the only competition where Prince’s Symbol guitar and a Neutrogena Microdermabrasion kit battle it out for greatest design of all time. This first-of-its-kind award will be presented by Isaac Mizrahi on October 18 in NY. Here are a few nominees we wish would win:

1) Actroid Repliee Q1Expo: This “Gynoid,” which looks scarily like a real Japanese woman, is reported to have a “pleasant feel.” Maybe Sir Isaac can have a squeeze and let us know.

2) Bank in the Form of a Pig: “So realistic. So chrome.” Yeah but aren’t these supposed to be pink? Also should be given the award for Longest-Winded Name.

3) Constitution of the United States of America: Says it made most of the other designs possible. But is James Madison available to accept?

4) Decorative Bra Straps: Not particularly great design but we’ll vote for anything which provides an opportunity to make Isaac boob jokes.

5) International Don’t Sign: An uplifting, encouraging symbol of great design worldwide.