50 Things to Tweet When You’re Stuck For Ideas

50 Things To Tweet When You're Stuck For Ideas

Having a tough time coming up with things to tweet? Twitter’s real-time nature can certainly inspire stage-fright, especially when you’re faced with coming up with 5, 10 or more tweets per day. Here are 50 ideas for what to tweet when you’re stuck.

1. Share other people’s content. Retweet ideas and insights from others that you admire.
2. Be funny. Tweet a one-liner, funny observation, or even a knock-knock joke to lighten your followers’ day.
3. Join in on a trending topic.
4. Tweet an inspirational quote – one of the most popular things to tweet, and it’s bound to score you some quick retweets!
5. Show what goes on behind-the-scenes at work by snapping a quick photo of your office.
6. Say “Happy birthday” to your followers.
7. Run a contest.
8. Write a poem. Haikus are particularly well-suited for Twitter.
9. Participate in Follow Friday.
10. Share your travel adventures. Everyone can relate to a flight delay.
11. Recognize the tweeters that inspire you by doing a shout-out.
12. Ask for reviews of a product you are considering buying.
13. Celebrate hitting a milestone or reaching a goal.
14. Offer praise to your favorite local businesses.
15. Complain about a product or service. Who knows, you might get a response!
16. Network. Introduce yourself to influential tweeters in your niche.
17. Tell a story about your customers.
18. Share your favorite website.
19. Link to your favorite podcast.
20. Send a welcome tweet to your newest followers.
21. Share the cute or funny things your children, spouse or pets do.
22. Make a recommendation for a charity that your followers can contribute to.
23. Join a Twitter chat.
24. Provide a product review of a recent tech gadget you bought.
25. Tweet or retweet breaking news.
26. Ask a trivia question – don’t forget to come back and tweet the answer!
27. Network with local Twitter accounts.
28. Tweet about recent changes to your products or services.
29. Share a song that helps you think.
30. Give something away for free. Even a $5 gift certificate can make someone’s day.
31. Review a book you read recently.
32. Thank the tweeters that you interact with most.
33. Offer your opinions on current events or industry news.
34. Share your deepest thoughts out loud.
35. Be a connector and introduce your followers to each other based on their interests.
36. Let your followers know about events you’re going to.
37. Tweet your business or personal goals for the next year.
38. Conduct a poll. Ask your followers a simple yes or no question, and then share the results.
39. Tweet your best productivity tip.
40. Let your followers know a little bit about what you like to do in your spare time by sharing things you typically do in your community.
41. Offer travel recommendations to your followers.
42. Celebrate a holiday.
43. Share your observations about industry trends.
44. Tweet your favorite Pinterest board or Instagram account.
45. Teach others how to do something.
46. Links to your old, but still relevant, blog posts.
47. Tweet something controversial to spark a conversation.
48. Provide customer service and respond to anyone asking you questions.
49. Search for people asking questions in your niche and answer them.
50. Tweet this blog post, and add your own ideas to the list!

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