Things to Look Forward to, Or Look Out For, in 2010

Here are just a few of the things this blog and its blogger are keeping eyes peeled for in 2010.

The Apple Tablet: Whatever they call it–iSlate, Magic Slate, iBrary–it’s gonna be a big deal, and it’s gonna be cool. It promises a new way to buy, sell, and read eBooks, a great platform for multimedia books, as well as huge potential for mobile computing in general.

Google Editions: A good source of competition for the eBook titans, or one more way Google will take over the world?

Nexus One: Google’s phone ought to be unveiled this week. Will it be a really cool new phone with some eReading enhancements? Or just another gadget people clamor for?

Open Road Media: Finally we’ll see if this venture from Jane Friedman and Co. is worth all the hype–the first titles are due this spring. At last, a way to read Styron on the Kindle. And what about these E-Riginals?

Blio: Will futurist Ray Kurtzweil’s new eReader platform really shake things up? We should see it this week at CES. But do we really need another multimedia eReading platform?