Things May be Bad, But They are Not Insane

As we have said so (too) many times in the last few weeks, things in the media world are bad and look to be getting worse. Also, we really doubt anyone reading this blog needs us to tell you that. However! Does that mean things are “insanely” hopeless? Probably not. Are our jobs boards still posting numerous opportunities daily? In fact they are, which is why we continually encourage you to look at them (and, btw, if they weren’t in all likelihood you would also find us perched at a local bar). But also, when things are this bad isn’t it sort of a waste of everyone’s time to, say, complain about ways that might just help make it all a bit better and somewhat less scary (not to mention, diss functioning media companies).

Anyway! We thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you that we liked the mediabisto class we once took very much. And that when we took it we just so happened to be a person who wanted to work in the media but had “no contacts or connections.” But precisely! (Because people who want to work in the media but don’t yet rarely do.) Among other great and helpful things, this is how we met Rachel Sklar and a number of other people currently employed in our industry…all very good connections: media, emotional, and otherwise! Apparently Sklar concurs with us on this here and here! You know, all things considered not such a bad investment!