Thieves Apprehended and Paintings Returned in Sao Paulo Museum Theft


A quick end to a story we were reporting on at the end of last month: the two paintings stolen from the Sao Paulo Museum of Art have been found and their thieves have been apprehended, likely leading to some sighs of relief by both the museum officials and the one, often-asleep, hard of hearing elderly security guard they employ. Although “the mastermind behind the theft” has yet to be caught, which we’re thinking is a little bit of an oxymoron considering the ease and clumsiness of this whole ordeal, we’re thinking that everyone’s just happy that it’s all over and everything can get back to normal for at least another week before the museum is robbed again. But proving that this whole story was funny from start to finish, here’s our favorite quote from the story in the Guardian:

Few details were released about the police operation, but reports in the Brazilian press suggested that a third suspect had led them to the safe house, where the works were found undamaged.

Brazil’s authorities believe the raid may have been commissioned overseas. “Thefts like this were probably not carried out by Brazilians,” said the pop-star culture minister, Gilberto Gil. “They must be linked to international gangs.”

Pop-star culture ministers? International gangs? Remind us to book a flight to Brazil sometime this year. It sounds like a 1960s spy movie come to life.