ThickButtons Alternate Keyboard For Android

Android users who find Android’s built-in on-screen keyboard to not be very good can find a number of alternate keyboards available in the Android Market, such as ThickButtons. This free application makes a unique improvement to the on-screen keyboard by predicting what letters you could press next and enlarging those buttons while making the surrounding buttons smaller. Watch the following video to see how ThickButtons works:

YouTube video courtesy of ThickButtons

The video shows ThickButtons being used in portrait, and it also works in landscape. I installed ThickButtons on the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, and find it very disconcerting to have the keyboard constantly changing as you type. When the keyboard is in landscape I can type reasonably quickly with my two thumbs because I expect the buttons to be in certain locations. The ThickButtons keyboard moves buttons slightly enough that I make many mistakes as I type. ThickButtons is building a dictionary from the words you type to help its prediction, but I am not sure that will solve my issue of the buttons not being were I expect. While ThickButtons is not ideal for me, you may find that it works well for you, and you will find it in the Android Market.