They’ve Found Steve Guttenberg

steveguttenberg.jpgWe’ve been told that since circa 1991 there has not been a moment that has passed without a Police Academy movie being rerun on cable. Some cable station – somewhere has always had it on. This is not exactly scientifically verified, but like Big Foot… we believe it anyway. Besides we had a sighting – the first Police Academy was on Comedy Central yesterday. All the proof we need.

Anyway, we’ve not heard the name Steve Guttenburg outside of a punchline in a while. And come to find out – he’s working… as an actor!

We got this press release this morning:

The horror movie features a serial killer, who targets LA convenience stores, torturing and murdering victims in creative ways — and then stealing surveillance tapes as trophies.

In the movie, everyone is talking about the sensational series of crimes. At a downtown liquor store, a beer delivery man, MORTY (Steve Guttenberg: Cocoon, Police Academy, 3 Men and a Baby), his motley friends and the store owner, STEVE (Eduardo Garcia: No Country for Old Men), fantasize about catching the killer — and snagging a $500,000 reward.

“It was fun, creative and it was something I got to do that I have never done before,” said actor Steve Guttenberg, who stars as MORTY. “I’m happy to be here and make it work.”

Trailer is here.