Fields Takes Fox to Titty City

Anyone watching Fox News’s Neil Cavuto Wednesday afternoon was in for a real treat of exposed breasts. Free of charge. The star of the soft porn film, er show, was The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields, who decided to go on national TV with a large portion of her breasts jiggling out of her shirt.

This isn’t the first time Cavuto’s program and others have been criticized for having on scantily clad female guests. Media Matters wrote about the rash of sexism emanating from the network’s programming in January 2011. They pounded that point home again in March 2009. And as far back as 2007 Conservative Radio Commentator Laura Ingraham voiced strong complaints to FNC’s Bill O’Reilly. To which O’Reilly said, “I don’t have anything to do with Cavuto. He’s a demented guy.” Ingraham complained of the male newscasters playing loops and loops of racy images of females. “I don’t know if there’s a rampant midlife crisis going on on this network among the male anchors, but I can tell you that my female listeners are saying … what is the purpose?”

Reaction to Michelle’s appearance was widespread. Readers and viewers from Washington and New York bombarded us over email about the inappropriateness of the video reporter’s attire during her performance on Cavuto. We’re shocked our computers survived it.

We sought comment from The Daily Caller, asking if management supported their reporter exposing a large chunk of her breasts on national TV.

Apparently the Fox News producer handling her never bothered to mention that her breasts had swallowed her attire. Fields is often plucked over male guests who may have more knowledge on a topic. We can only imagine they want her for her brain and not her breasts. In recent weeks this has been a growing sore spot for guests who get bumped and then see her in their spot. In fact, Fox News, as it is wont to do when women appear on their programs, dropped the banner for maximum viewing pleasure. Dropping the banner when a guest is wearing something revealing is apparently one of Fox’s favorite tactics. Who could have guessed that?

I checked in with a few members of Michelle’s fan club, FBDC’s Piranhamous and Senior Michelle Fields Rack Correspondent Peter Ogburn for their thoughts on the matter.

Piranhamous remarked, “I can’t believe anyone would go on news program dressed like this! Now could you please send me a hi-rez copy of this screen capture so I can have a poster made of it for my bathroom? Thanks.”

Ogburn was beside himself. “Women who use sexuality on Fox is nothing new.  But NO ONE shows off their rack like that. Fucking titty city.” But he wasn’t done. “For all the people who talked shit and said that she wasn’t showing cleavage in the videos we reported on before, they can shove their heads up their asses. Who shows THAT much cleavage on cable news?  Seriously.  Who?? Being sexual is one thing. Showing that much of your tits on TV is just over the top.  It doesn’t matter if she makes the most valid points on Earth, she has zero credibility.”

Some of the commentary and emails we received well into the night:

  • “Michelle Fields was on Fox News this afternoon around 4:50 wearing an absolutely unbelievably egregiously revealing shirt (and talking about Occupy Wall Street? Who even knows.)”
  • “As one who has thought you’ve been too touch on Michelle Fields….her Cavuto appearance right now is about one thing, her chest.” — Senior Capitol Hill aide.
  • “I don’t know how a bill becomes a law, but look at my breasts!”
  • “I didn’t have the sound on and might be better off for that.”
  • “I had it muted.  Boobs everywhere.”
  • “Floppy Funbags!”
  • “I can’t imagine many viewers are consciously listening, which is supposed to be the goal of contributing.”

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