They’re MFA Grads And They’re Here to Rock


It’s that time of year in LA, when eight local schools–Art Center, CalArts, Claremont, Otis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSD and USC–roll out their big guns for Supersonic, a show that proves “Southern California is a world-class culture-generating region for advanced artistic production.”

This year the exhibition is divided into Super and Sonic, with over 100 grads plastering Barnsdall Park with their theses, writing and personal projects. And damn, these are some fine MFAers. The show closes August 30.

If you go to see it tonight, you can attend a meeting of Motion Graphics Los Angeles, who has monthly meetings with speakers and rad-tastic door prizes (about $6000 worth), even though they charge no membership fee. Now that’s a business model even Bride Whelan would envy. Tonight the folks from ka-chew!, among others, spew their wisdom.

Thanks to Spencer Cross, ’cause he helped. Image is from Nora Jean Petersen.