They’re Mad As Hell


A new on-line magazine caught our attention (not that we’re easily distracted). The Mad As Hell Club, the brainchild of Daniel Danziger, seems to have expanded its corkboard design from the first time we saw it. Danziger described it thusly:

There’s a daily essay (under 750 words) written by one of 31 columnists who write once a month in their area of passion: women’s issues, sports, the difficulty of adjusting to adulthood, public education, romance, fashion, tv, film, how individual families find ways to stay at war within themselves, food, political/social activism, trying to get pregnant after 40, and others. My favorite title is To Live and Dyke in LA, written by a lesbian couple who write about what it’s like to live in a blue state that feels increasingly red.

So all bases are covered, basically. The site has a great list of contributors, with a bunch of locals.