They’re Actually Canucks, Which Explains The Awesome

Being a child of the world, we (yes, grammarians, the words don’t agree but style, our friends, style) hold our own immigrated-to-Canada status in nothing but the highest regard. So we were shocked and appalled to read that Umbra, a company we’ve been a fan of since they gave us some swag, changed their U+ studio line’s internal Toronto references — College, Queen West, and Bloor — into I Want To Be a Hilton-style Soho, Brooklyn, and Madison. We were just in Toronto and confess to seeing only Bloor, so we can’t quite analyze the potential correctness of the analogs, but we are saddened by the necessity.

Let’s see, via Metropolis, if they’ve got it right.

Madison: “sophisticated and cosmopolitan, reflecting an elegant, form-oriented design style.”

Not when we lived there.

Soho: “an earthier sensibility.”

Yup, sure.

Brooklyn: “something more ‘street.'”

Yes yes yes. We live for our F-train flak jackets.