They’ll Always Make You Cry: The The Onion Gets Chopped As NY A.V. Club Folds

The Onion‘s A.V. Club editor Andy Battaglia sent a letter to staffers this week informing them that he’d be leaving his position amidst cuts at the satirical news network:

Hi everybody,

Apologies if you receive this more than once, but today is my last day as city editor of The A.V. Club in New York. The New York website is being shut down, the city section in the paper is being cut significantly, and I am moving on.

You may recall that, just this past December, the A.V. Club — The Onion‘s online source for all things pop culture-related — released its first (and quite possibly only?) book, Inventory. We’ve also previously chatted with the editor of The Onion, Joe Randazzo, who discussed, among other things, delicious Onion turnovers or the lack thereof:

I would say that people stay here for about five years on average. In the last few years, we’ve had some veterans move on, mostly to do independent stuff, so most of the staff here now has been here five years or less. There is this feeling that once you’ve been sucked into The Onion you may never leave, and I think some people think they will die here or come back here to die. There is this incestuous family feeling, besides the fact that everyone hates each other. Wait, that’s not true.

As of posting, The A.V. Club is still up and running, although their “A.V. Club Local” widget contains broken links for all New York-related listings, including one titled “Good-bye and Thanks.”

You can still discover where to get a heart attack in Madison, though. So. There’s that.