TheWrap Makes Like TMZ, Scores Massive Mel Gibson Scoop

It was not quite as shocking as the four-page LASD arresting officer’s report that launched TMZ in the summer of 2006, mainly because it is Mel once removed. Nevertheless, the nine-page Joe Eszterhas letter obtained by TheWrap easily ranks as the website’s loudest scoop so far. Detailing a string of alleged anti-Semitic remarks made by Mel Gibson, TheWrap’s coverage was double-linked Wednesday on the Drudge Report and picked up far and wide.

At least one outlet got a major detail wrong, prompting article author Sharon Waxman to let them know about it via Twitter. At the time of this posting, the mistake has not been corrected:

Oops. Over at, Mike Fleming sneered at the whole thing, ahead of Gibson’s outright denial of Eszterhas’ charges, which quickly followed. Wrote Fleming:

Deadline is not going to repeat the verbiage, because Eszterhas’ account doesn’t pass our sniff test. Here’s one reason why: If Eszterhas really heard all the hateful things he says Gibson told him, then why didn’t the brash Hungarian quit the project instead of tolerating the slurs?

C’mon, Deadline. Give TheWrap their due. Whether or not Gibson said all these things, the fact that Hollywood’s one-time go-to A-list screenwriter put them to paper is Internet-worthy news.

Whenever an article like Waxman’s is linked at Drudge, it triggers an avalanche of reader comments that are often very questionable. We bet the moderator(s) at TheWrap have worked overtime to keep the conversation civilized.