TheUADA Launch Goes Unnoticed

UADA LogoThe much hyped UADA which has attracted a significant amount of buzz launched today with very little fanfare. So what happened with the UADA and who are the partners? As of now there are no partners that have been stated for this “alliance” and according to sources I have spoken with, most people have chosen not to join the alliance.

What is the UADA?
Since the announcement of the UADA, Lee has been contacting a number of developers and potential investors. To the developers he is offering an 80/20 revenue split and is asking for 10 percent of each application’s pageviews to be dedicated to him. In turn, The UADA will be leveraging an engine to optimize each application’s advertising. Each time a page is loaded, the UADA’s custom engine will determine which ad to display in order to maximize revenue.

This solution is a great proposal for a number of developers currently but unfortunately the largest networks won’t be signing on, at least not until The UADA can wrap up a large user base. In the long-run I think this is highly risky especially since the engine is based on unproven ad networks. The current statistic on the homepage of the UADA having the largest user base is completely inaccurate given that the massive inventory being claimed is a projected number if absolutely everything goes according to plan.

It’s a really nice position to be in: the owner of the company and the person placing a value on the company. Conflict of interest anybody?

Future of the UADA
From what it appears, Lee Lorenzen had hoped to attract a number of larger developers based on the buzz circulating about the UADA. So far, there have been no confirmed partners and all large application developers (top 40 companies) appear to be absent from the alliance. The concept of creating an engine that optimizes advertising for application developers makes a lot of sense but I disagree that this is the best environment for generating a long-term solution.

Following all of the negative buzz generated by Techcrunch, I have a feeling that this alliance may have been dead on arrival. Perhaps Lee Lorenzen can comment further on this.