These Were Tumblr’s Top 20 Sponsored Posts of 2014

Since Tumblr first introduced in-stream sponsored posts in Spring 2013, more than 300 paid advertisers have gotten on board. The brand publishers contribute to an ecosystem of content creators and users who have posted more than 98.4 billion items, at an average rate of 83.3 million posts a day.

And, for marketers that want to get their messages in front of millennial eyeballs, it seems like it makes sense to advertise on the Yahoo-owned microblogging platform. According to comScore, Tumblr was the No. 1 social destination when it came to the amount of time spent on desktop in October. The average user spent 14 minutes per visit on its pages, while people who visited runner-up Facebook only spent 12 minutes. 

David Hayes, Tumblr's head of creative strategy, said many brands are seeing success on its platform because it allows marketers to post a variety of mediums on its pages.

"On other platforms, you may be trafficking in one media form like photography or video. On Tumblr, you get to participate in all the forms," he said.

The most successful brand this year was AT&T, which is also sponsoring the Tumblr Year in Review. In the last several months, the Dallas-based company collected hundreds of thousands of notes—the social platform's key engagement metric. 

Catherine Borda, AT&T Mobility youth strategy and marketing director, said that her brand pros decided to advertise on Tumblr because they were looking for a platform that would allow them to reach users both on mobile and desktop, as well as give free rein on the type of creative it wanted to post. The company decided to root its Tumblr campaign around consumers' mobile lifestyles. 

"Tumblr has really great flexibility," Borda said. "That was a really important toy for us."