These Web Stars Are Beyond ‘Vine Famous’

The social app Vine has created a whole universe of video stars whose antics have attracted millions of followers and made them "Vine famous." But social seems to be only the beginning. Take Nash Grier, with 9.3 million followers, who is spinning his Web notoriety into endorsements for brands like Virgin Mobile and even a film career. King Bach (aka Andrew Bachelor), with 8.2 million followers, is getting into the TV business and working with brands like Samsung. Check out their stories here.


Nash Grier

9.3 million followers
Grier is one of the first and best known Vine stars and has turned his funny six-second videos into a potential feature film career. He’s worked with Jarre and GrapeStory to endorse brands like Virgin Mobile.


King Bach (Andrew Bachelor)

8.2 million followers
King Bach’s comic videos often include fellow Viners like Jarre. Part of the GrapeStory roster, Bach has parlayed Vine into TV opportunities and worked with brands like Samsung.


Brittany Furlan

(Language mildly nsfw.)


7.2 million followers
Furlan tried to break into TV before finding a massive Vine following. The comedian has since landed a development deal for a sketch comedy show produced by Seth Green and signed with content network Endemol Beyond USA.


Shawn Mendes

3.1 million followers
Mendes is a recent Vine success story. The teen singer used the platform to launch his music career, posting clips of himself singing covers. That led to a record deal, and when his ep dropped in August, it topped the iTunes chart within a half hour.


Princess Lauren (Lauren Giraldo)

2.9 million followers
Princess Lauren once told Business Insider that she got $2,000 just to re-vine a brand’s video. Her Vines are mostly goofy clips of the teenager engaging people on the street.

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