These Tweets Will Make You Hungry: Talking Food on Twitter

One of the worst places to be when you’re hungry is on Twitter. The relentless elation and descriptions of dishes is enough to turn a regular person into a reclusive compulsive eater or an obsessive shopper and cook.

@seriouseats is one of the worst offenders, bless their hearts.  Like this for instance:

“Fudge-covered Oreos, grape Pop Rocks, and more highlights from the Sweets and Snacks Expo!

How are you supposed to work after reading something like that? Or this:

“In Los Angeles, 8 fried chicken sandwiches we love:

With well over 116,000 followers, you can just imagine the kind of food worship that’s going on here.

If it’s recipes you want you’ll want to follow places like @epicurious and @FoodNetwork, where ideas for making memorable meals come faster than you can mentally process them, such as this one from @FoodNetwork:

“Recipe of the Day: @AltonBrown Pulled Pork ( A sweet-salty brine & spice rub make this picnic dish a flavorful favorite.”

If you’re looking for all things food, @saveurmag does a great job of offering lots of fun information and useful hashtags to help you sift through it all, such as #RecipeOfTheDay, #SiteWeLove and my two favourite – #literaryrecipes and #FridayCocktail. If that doesn’t get you into the kitchen, nothing will!

You don’t have to live in New York for the restaurant news and reviews at @nymageats to become completely addictive – don’t be surprised if you’re picking up ramen from your own Chinatown or heading out for high-end Italian after reading their posts. You might not be back in the kitchen for days after this kind of influence!

Dana Cowin@fwscout on twitter – is the Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine Magazine and always tweets about what’s she’s eating and liking, which makes for a drool-covered keyboard, but totally worth it, thanks to tweets like this:

“Starting LA food crawl at A-Frame. Drinking supersmoky, hot Cristopher Oaxaca: mezcal,hbnro agave, lime. Can’t wait 4 chowder, beer can chkn”


If food writing is more your thing, @ruthreichl works a haiku-like vibe with her tweets, such as this one:

“Cotton-wrapped city. Visibility zero. One big bowl of super-spicy noodles. Potent broth. Softly poached egg dropped in at the end.”

And for humour, you are almost always guaranteed a laugh from tweeps like @PayChen, Host/Producer of Breakfast Television Winnipeg, amongst many other things. While she doesn’t solely tweet about food, she does talk about it frequently enough that you’ll want to follow her. Like this, for example:

“Does anyone else have anxiety when they cut open a watermelon? It’s that moment of hoping you didn’t just purchase 20lbs of suck.”

You’d that that reviewing restaurants and writing about food would make me tired of the subject. But my favourite tweets are always about food. Often, they turn into dishes that I make at home or ingredients that I go on the hunt for.

It’s one of the best features of Twitter, but be warned – it will make you hungry. ALL THE TIME!

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